Design & Style by Scher Studio is a full service interior styling and design studio specializing in residential and commercial design.  Our signature style merges modern and classic design for homes that feel authentic, interesting, and inviting.


We create stylish spaces that function in our everyday lives as well as new spaces that reflect each client's vision.  Design & Style makes each clients world more functional, and most importantly, livable.



"Stephanie has so much enthusiasm surrounding all things beautiful. Her experience brings much knowledge to styling. Stephanie loves teaching others how to create beautiful spaces and photos"  




Stephanie Scher believes that designing a space should be a creative partnership. With over 25 years of experience in design for food, events, hospitality, prop, and interior styling, Stephanie's work has brought sophistication to her clients throughout the US, UK, and Canada. Before establishing Design &; Style, Stephanie attended the Chicago Art Institute of Design and the Columbus College of Art and Design. After attending both schools she started her career in New York City as a restoration artist. Over the next few years, her love for design continued to evolve as she began visual merchandising for major retail home and fashion stores in NYC, creating store windows and leading a team in visual merchandising and design. As the creative director for a hospitality company with over 18 million in revenue, Stephanie expanded her enthusiasm for fashion and home goods.

Stephanie's love for design extended into her other passion, travel. She frequently visited the South of France, Spain, Germany, and Brussels, searching for unique 17th and 18th-century furniture, accessories, and fabrics. Drawing influence from every part of the globe led to creating textiles, design pieces, and props for multiple companies, including Ralph Lauren, Express, Kravet, Schumacher, and many more. Established as an inspiring and creative designer, clients started calling on her to assist them with their own homes and businesses. Now, she is known as the go-to talent for families and business owners that crave a warmer, sophisticated, transitional space with a splash of fun.

We partner with many designers to make sure your project is special for you! One of our favorite designers we work with lives in Florida and has cornered the market on soft transitional style. 




Shelley Martin has been an integral part of our design process this past year. Her attention to detail and easy-going nature lets her take away much of the stress associated with most construction and design projects. She is one who makes the details come together. There isn’t a problem she can’t solve. She loves helping create unique spaces for clients and she has a knack for anticipating everyone’s needs. Shelley makes sure the styling details are on trend and most importantly functional for the clients. Shelley partners with D&S on remote residential projects.

'Shelley was our dream home expert'
'Shelley was great to work with she has an amazing eye for detail. Her life long dedication shows in her work'