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Interior Styling, Staging & Residential Services

We create stylish spaces that function in our everyday lives. We deliver style and function. 

1 Day – That’s It.

This is our specialty, the ‘One Room, One Day” Makeover.

  • Your furniture, lighting and accessories will be set up in a new and more stylish way.

  • We shop your home for items that will complete the makeover.

  • The Artwork will be re-hung and accessories placed to complete the finishing touch.

And let’s not forget the de-cluttering – if needed

1 Day ++ Style

“1 Day  + Add a full room design based on your needs and requests, with a floor plan, inspiration board and shopping list. We can finish this project for you or you may take the shopping list and stylize yourself based on our inspiration board.

Re-Design - Snap

Let's speak about your wants and desires, we should start there. Once we understand this we can make it happen. We first start with a floor plan, inspiration boards and then build our shopping list. Do we need to change the flooring? Windows? What do we need to do to make it your dream space.  We can do it if we work together. We will oversee every aspect of the decorating process.

We Do All The Shopping

Are you happy with making the shopping choices on your own after you have received the design plan or after you remodel or purchase a home. Maybe you just don’t have the time to shop yourself. This is where we come in, we can shop with you or for you. It’s up to you. We love to find the newest and the best deal so don’t worry about us. We’ve been known to find incredible vintage pieces or even antique gems, and let’s not forget about the discount stores – who doesn’t love something new. There are some retailers that offer a design discount; we can pass that to you if offered.


Construction Renovation and / or Re-fresh

It's hard enough to hire and manage the contractors and vendors on any project let alone do it for your own home when it isn't your day to day job. We offer this as a complimentary service should you hire us to work along side you in creating your dream home with new materials and layouts.  



Professional Home Staging for agents, developers, and homeowners: Our stagings can be customized to your space and needs! Through an on-site visit we will discuss potential design and space objectives. We will follow up with a proposal with our recommended furniture and design plan, as well as shopping lists and a full presentation for your clients.  

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