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What Happened to the Dinner Parties?

Setting the table with flowers can be so easy...

We moved to Alpharetta, Georgia about 6 months ago. It's really a great place to raise our kids. We moved here from Brooklyn, New York and before that Toronto, Ontario. In both places we lived in the city...parks on almost every corner, restaurants galore, or rather a variety of restaurants galore. Moving to Atlanta Georgia, Alpharetta was a choice we made based on where my husband works. We wanted that "quality of life' we kept hearing about which was little to no commute, more time with the kids and s p a c e.

So let's talk about what there is to do here in Alpharetta. We are a family who loves food. Lots's of food. Given my background as a Interior Stylist for restaurants in NYC and Greg's LOVE of food as well our weekends are planned around what restaurant we are going to try and when. Once we have that in place we usually line up the activities. You may ask how fair that is for the kids, who knows but they certainly have expanded palettes, hmmm.

What does this have to do with dinner parties? We have pretty much hit every restaurant that we want to hit in the Alpharetta, Milton and the Roswell area. This includes our favorites such as South of Main, Butcher and Brew, El Felix, Bantam + Biddy, Union, BB's Bagels, Roux on Canton, Bistro VG and Roswell Provisions. We are now venturing 45 minutes to Atlanta to find our eats. This isn't practical with kids and we certainly can't enjoy a glass of wine, or three.

What should we do now? How do we find good food closer? This is where we left off in the title question, 'where did all the dinner parties go'? The answer is my house (or townhouse) I will be hosting dinner parties with our new friends here in Alpharetta. Let's bring them back! Setting the table, tablecloths (or not), china, glassware, silverware, cocktails, wine, music, FLOWERS and awesome friends. So excited!

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