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What is Style anyway? Where did it go?

I have to say, moving to my new home town has taught me one thing about the interior design world here or maybe everywhere outside our major cities. EVERYONE HAS THE SAME STYLE. It's like wearing the same outfit your neighbor has or driving the same car, color and listening to the exact same music. I always wanted to associate with people who were different then me. Am I wrong? Especially as we get older people get more interesting. They travel and experience life over the years. I get that we as adults need some similarities in order to relate to one another but for crying out loud having different interests is what makes us interesting thus creating variety, uniqueness and a strong sense of our own style. I mean we already have our kids in common and I am quite sure we adore them all but we need to create an environment for them that stimulates their uniqueness. Perhaps I am being to too bold but when I look around I see a lot of the same style homes with the same style paint colors, curtains and decorations. It is beautiful that is why everyone wants the look. Where is the character? Style? History? Experiences? I get that style isn't something that everyone knows how to curate but let's not be afraid to paint our walls pink or our ceilings black. It's only paint! Our environment at home is so important in how we feel when we wake up and when we go to bed. Do me a favor, look around and count the colors in your living room, count the real artwork you have on your walls, count the number of books you have stacked in the corner. I am not saying fill up your home with junk, I am just saying curate your home with those unique pieces that tell your story, your passions, your experiences. That's style. Style is creating something that is all yours, sharing something that is all yours. Style is simply how we express our inner being outwardly. If you need help finding your style look for your daily inspirations, your passions. Educate yourself on life

thus creating your style.

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